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Marc Arnold


Denver, CO.



Adobe Photoshop/Designer




Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Certified Expert ACE






Award Board

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Work Experience

Programmer - C+ HTML5/
Feb 2017 - Current

I have designed 2 websites within 3 weeks of Web Development. I'm consulting Lightning Mobile in SEO and Online marketing. I'm currently creating geotracking devices for the fleet of vehicles and equipment using Arduino circuit boards and I'm consulting on drone video's.

Web Developer & 3D Designer/
Mar 2012 - Mar 2017

I'm a 3D solar array designer using 'Google Sketch Up' and other tools for Tesla, DBA SolarCity at that time. I also performed on-site rooftop solar array sales and designs for customers. I was recently rehired by SolarCity/Tesla and I was part of the drone video team before our jobs were eliminated during the SolarCity to Tesla transition.

Graphic Designer / 100's of websites
Sept 1999 - May 2013

In 1999 I built the HSA website and went on to design and maintain VU Media's website. And in the early 2000's I developed many websites and servers for CMC Online, DBA 'Timberlan' web hosting companies. I became a Macromedia Certified Software Expert and by the mid 2000s I became an ACE, Adobe Certified Expert Developer. I finished my computer programming course studies in college in 2013 at Front Range Community College, (FRCC).


Certified Google Analytics Developer
2017 - May 29th 2018

I am a Google Analytics Developer. I'm certified by Google to manage your web traffic and Android application traffic for Google environments. Verify my credentials HERE.

Colorado State Certified Life & Health Insurance Agent
2014 & 2016

Certified in the State of Colorado

Adobe MAX and Online Training
2003 & 2005 & 2011 & 2013

Product software studies.

Front Range Community College Westminster, FRCC
2011 - 2013

Computer Science

ACE Adobe Certified Expert
2004 - current

In 2004 I became a Adobe Certified Developer. My expertise is in AS1.0 - AS3.0, Animation, Flash and Web Development. I will be updating my Adobe certifications very soon. You can verify my Adobe certification credentials Here.